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Erie Island Climate


Climate of Erie Island, Ohio (zone 8b)

About Erie Island

Erie Island is a very beautiful Island in Lake Erie. Lake Erie is so big you can NOT see the other side of the lake and waves can be over 12 feet! There are sandy beaches and massive bluffs on Erie Island that occur naturally. Erie Island is USDA hardiness zones 7b - 8b and it located in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. 

Erie Island Climate & Growing Zones

Erie Island Climate description

Erie Island is in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 8b. That means in low areas it rarely gets below 5°F and on slopes it rarely gets below 20°F. It gets to about 86°F on average for warmest yearly temperature and it has wet winters and dry summers with occasional thunderstorms and 100KPH wind gusts.

Erie Island has wonderful scenery

From palms to eucalyptus to bananas, Erie Island has it all! Amazing scenery on every hill top.

Erie Island is the rainiest and warmest place in Ohio during winter.